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More than 200 years of legacy in mineral bath at Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa.

The Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa is one of the best places in the world that provides you an amazing mineral bath facility, which heals many diseases. Apart from that it also provides good accommodation and food facility. This famous Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa is located in South West Clarendon and attracts many tourists for its miraculous healing water stream. The Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa prides on its exhilarating spa treatment and very cordial hospitality.

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Hotel accommodation

As the major attraction of Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa is the healing water, there are nine tiled baths with a continuous flow of lukewarm mineral water at the ground floor of the hotel. The accommodation facility is on the first floor and there are 20 rooms available.


Spa facility

Many tourists visit the Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa to benefit from our spa facility which was discovered in the 18th century. The water that flows here has more radioactive waves than any leading European spa. There are two streams with different healing properties.


Mineral Bath

One stream heals health conditions like rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago; and the other stream heals generally the health concerns related to digestive disorders. The spa bath is open for 24 hours to the hotel guests, and is open from 7am to 9pm for public.


Experience the bliss of good health at The Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa.

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About Us

The 221-year-old property is known as the best mineral bath in the world, leading First World countries such as France, England, and Switzerland. The first baths were constructed and opened to the public in 1794. Today, The Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa is located in the South West Clarendon and is renowned for its miraculous healing property. Milk River is popular with Jamaicans. The hotel has a very cordial ambience. Locals drop by for a bath or a meal. At weekends, there is usually a crowd.

Milk River is a comfortable base which houses the exploration of the south coast of Clarendon or St.Elizabeth. Farquharís, a small fishing beach, is one mile from the hotel via a primitive road. Fishing trips can be arranged by negotiation with the boatmen and short trips to Alligator-Hole, or deep-sea expeditions to Boon Rock. Milk River itself is said to harbour crocodiles and although they are reclusive and shy animals, do not push your luck by swimming there.


Healing water

The recommended healing procedure is to take 3 baths per day of 20 minutes each-time. There is also a public mineral water swimming pool open at weekends. Interestingly, the spa was discovered in the eighteenth century by a slave who was healed of all his injuries by its waters.

Restaurant and bar

Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa has a bar and a restaurant. It serves good food, which is available at regular meal timings. The restaurant accepts reservations in advance for your convenience. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa let you connect to its fast Wi-Fi network service for free. Whether you want to stay connected to your business, check the latest news, do online shopping or post to your favorite social media site, we have got you covered. Stay connected to the World with free Wifi

Healing is miraculous! Come and feel it with Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa.



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7:00 am – 10:00 pm

7:00 am – 10:00 pm


Milk River District Milk River,

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